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 About Zenae Zukowski 

Diversity is what I strive for and have made a successful career out of it. The easiest way to describe my love for multi-tasking is from college at the School of Visual Arts (2002-2006), where we learned everything in filmmaking. I was the writer, the cinematographer, editor, director, and at one point, actress. 


Since then, my passion has branched out to writing, photography, and post-production. Primarily, I have lived a double and sometimes triple life since 2006. I worked in significant Award-Winning Post Production facilities from The Mill (2008-2013) to Framestore (2016-Present) along with building my ZenaeFilmz brand. 


As technology advanced, I developed a keen eye on digital content (writing and photography) back in 2012 and have worked for a plethora of websites resulting in being the Editor for Metal Insider by 2018. The word editor is relatively broad since I run all social media platforms, handling photography, music journalism, reviewing, and interviewing artists. No band is too big or too small. I've also photographed well-known bands from Metallica, Tool, to Iron Maiden. 


Between working in the Post aspect of Television since 2006 and building my own brand, including adding clients such as Voxx International Corporation, I've learned that there's no excuse not to finish any task. I live by the phrase, "where there's WIFI, there's work." 


I successfully lived in my car for three weeks to go on a cross country road trip. Capturing photos on the way to California and back to New York with my Canon 5D Mark III at the time, and somehow, found ways to wake up at random truck stops at the crack of dawn to get work done for Metal Insider. 


My devotion and hard work have proven to be unstoppable. I'm moving onward and expanding ZenaeFilmz as an Editor, Writer, Photographer, and Post Production Producer. 


Outside of work, you can find me taking care of animals. I'm a huge pet lover and currently have one dog and five cats. I don't abandon animals, and just like my career, I'm committed to every project I join.

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