Stop lying to your readers for clicks

Unfortunately, we have reached the point where we have to question everything. Before reading an article and watching a news clip, we have to check the source, the outlet's owner, and so forth. On the one hand, there are reliable sources that lean towards the left or right, and those leanings are quickly cancelled out due to the facts provided. However, some sites will twist words and expressions to make them out of context for the outlet's political gain.

It isn't reassuring. If you watch the full video versus the shortened highlighted segment featured in an article, you will notice a vast difference between the two. From my experience with music journalism, I've learned to be honest with my readers. I do what I can to write with an unbiased opinion to share facts over lies and exaggeration that fit my personal opinion. Yes, there are times I will say "this song is awesome," and will showcase a bit of favoritism per x band. However, when it comes to sharing information concerning a group or member being accused of x,y,x, I follow real journalism. You have to gather all of the facts instead of publishing the story based on a Tweet or accusation with no actual data behind it.

Yes, there are always a few exceptions, which turn into a blatant open opinion piece. However, my goal is, to be honest with my readers and not misdirect them for the sake of profit despite my personal political views. I hope you enjoy my words and welcome to my website. More to come!

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